Top 7 Reasons why we are the Best Servo Stabilizer Company in India.

Why Balaji Power Automation is one of Best Servo Stabilizer Manufacturing Company In India:-

7 Points which Make us Best Servo stabilizer company in India as well as world.

  1. 5 Years Unconditional Warranty.
  2. Minimum Packback Period.
  3. Regular Survey.
  4. Reduction in Electric Failure.
  5. Highest Product Life Guarantee.
  6. Quality Control Policy & Production.
  7. More Efficiency.

5 Years Unconditional Warranty.

Our Promise of Quality, Servicing as well as our promise guarantees you Total peace of mind for many years together. Balaji Power Automation’s AVC’s come with 5 Years Unconditional Warranty against any manufacturing defect. You pay totally for major spares parts, service and replacement during these 5 years.

Minimum Payback Period.

Balaji Power Automation is one of best Best Servo Stabilizer manufacturers. That’s why our stabilizers not just stabilized Voltage fluctuations but always helps the Consumer in save energy up to 35% and minimize the breakdown nearly up to 80%.

We also guarantee coherence underway and consistency in quality anyway approaching voltage varieties.

Due to its high efficiency as well as associated benefits, the pay-back period for the value of our AVC is usually minimum payback between 5 to 21 months, depending upon the character and duration of load and therefore the extent of voltage variation.

And more often than not, it’s simply avoiding a couple of minutes machine downtime or simply one failure to recover the value of the equipment.

Regular Survey.

Normally our Automatic Voltage Controller doesn’t require any servicing.  Still, It’s our highest priority to provide a hassle-free environment regarding our products. That’s why Our engineers regularly survey our customers once in 3-5 months for a routine check-up.

We have settled many resident service engineers everywhere in India (Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Mumbai, etc.) for Providing regular survey after-sales.

Reduction in Electric Failure.

More Than 95% voltage problems are automatically Solved after installing Our AVC. Also, ensuring steady voltage supply around the clock.

Some of Feature of installing an AVC:

  • Up to 70-80% reduction within the failure rate of electrical equipment.
  • Energy-saving up to 10-15% (up to 25-30% on lighting load).
  • Reduction in Maximum demand indicator (MDI).
  • Improving Power Factor
  • Improving Production of Plant.
  • Depreciation in Income Tax acc. to Act In India (Being the energy-saving device).

Highest Product Life Guarantee.

The normal life of our Automatic Voltage Controller/Servo Voltage Stabilizer is 15 to more than 20 years at Extreme Condition at Full load.

Quite few of our Servo Stabilizer are in running for over 30 years also. Thus, we guarantee you for Highest Product Life.

Quality Control Policy & Production.

There is a huge number of companies who still making the dimmer type regulators.

But we Balaji Power Automation always manufactures & recommend Linear Voltage Regulator with Carbon roller. which is specially designed to satisfy a good sort of heavy-duty industrial applications.

Globally these become a longtime method of control, wherever continuously variable on-load control of voltage & power as needed.

These regulators are wound with a wider section of copper strip and are suitable for a 100% continuous duty cycle. Also, having a life of around 20 years at full load thus requires negligible maintenance throughout their life.

More Efficiency.

We Promise you for lowest energy losses & more Efficiency than all other servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers, through the utilization of the choicest and most effective grades of materials, designs, and workmanship.

The efficiency of the Linear Type stabilizers is approx. 99.5% if the input voltage is in between 350-460V.

From All Above Factor, We Can Proudly Say That Balaji Power Automation is Best Servo Stabilizer Company in India.

Top Manufacturers of Servo Stabilizers and Transformers in India 

India’s No 1 industrial stabilizer supplier with over 20,000 installations of oil-cooled as well as air-cooled servo voltage stabilizers. Which having balanced and unbalanced loads in a range from 30 to 10,000 KVA.

As a Well known brand of servo stabilizer manufacturers, we offer our clients a customized products based on client’s requirement.

We also offer Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer , Rectifier & so on..

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