Distribution Transformer

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Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformers derives its name from its usage in the electricity grid where its function is to step down the electrical voltage in the distribution line to a level that can be used by electricity consumers.

They are used by power utilities to distribute electricity to domestic and commercial customers at a voltage that can be used by them for various purposes.

Distribution Transformers refer to a large family of transformers and include a pole-mounted transformer, pad-mounted transformer, single-phase transformer, three-phase transformers.

The design, construction, and functionality of each of these sub-categories of transformers are different from one another.

we follow our own design and construction features to manufacture distribution transformers. The overall objective is to meet the client’s objective and customize it according to the requirements in the electrical system.

Balaji Power Automation is amongst the leading names of Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in India.

We manufacture outdoor ONAN Cooled Step up & step -down Transformers up to 10,000 KVA with a system voltage of up to 66 KV. In the few years, we have supplied many transformers to several state utilities, government bodies, and leading private organizations.

We have the right knowledge, years of experience, and technical capabilities in Distribution Transformers Manufacturers in India.

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